How to close a Winner account and other measures for responsible gaming

Winner Wild Coaster Casino supports balanced gaming behavior. In order to put this aspect into practice as best as possible, the casino provides measures on several levels, which vary and are suitable for all players. But to find out what are the measures for a responsible Winner game, but also how you can close a Winner account, keep reading this article!

Why do casinos promote responsible gambling?
Not only Winner online casino implements Winner account limits, but also other online casinos. Responsible gambling is a promoted aspect in the world of gambling, keeping a certain balance while playing is important.

To remember!
Responsible gambling involves a balanced approach to gambling. It involves being prudent and using the funds in your account responsibly.
For example, it is important to adjust the game stakes to your funds. If these funds decrease, then the stakes placed in the game should also decrease, so that you spend more time playing and increase your chances of winning.

On the other hand, placing bets in an irrational way can lead to financial losses. To avoid such situations, online casinos encourage responsible gambling and support players through certain solutions. These may consist of financial limits, limiting the time spent on gaming platforms, or some advice in this regard.

Methods by which Winner responsible gaming is supported
Winner Casino promotes responsible gambling on its gaming platform and among its players. Therefore, players can put into practice a series of Winner account limits to help them, but also other effective measures and in the last phase they can even close a Winner account, if gambling is no longer a source of entertainment for them They.

Go through the Winner questions
Players can check if they are prone to developing gaming addiction with the help of the questions on the “Responsible Gaming” page. In the Responsible Gambling section of Winner, players can access the link that will direct them to the survey.

If the answers are mostly affirmative, then the player who completed the questions has a gambling addiction problem and should consult specialists in the field for therapy.

Also on the Winner responsible gambling page is a link that will direct the player to another page that will contain information about responsible gambling, signs of a possible gambling addiction, ways to find balance in the game and information about places where you can find consulting services in the field.

To remember!
Another alternative is to use the telephone line between 10 and 18 at the telephone number posted on the page. This number will be answered by a specialist who will answer your questions and guide you further in the counseling process, if necessary.
Use Winner account limits
Players can also call on Winner financial limits. Through these Winner financial limits, players can limit their account deposits, but also their losses. By using them, losses can be lessened and the risk of getting carried away can be reduced.

Financial limits are an effective measure in promoting responsible gambling. You can configure Winner financial limits from your account menu, the section dedicated to responsible gambling.

Use self-exclusion
Apart from Winner’s financial limits, the self-exclusion function is also quite effective. You can self-exclude for longer periods, such as 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. During this time the account and funds cannot be accessed. Access the “Details” section of the account menu, then “I want a break”.

After clicking on “More options”, the page dedicated to self-exclusion will open. Choose the period and press the activation button. If there are funds left in the account, you can request a refund later.

You can temporarily exclude yourself
You can take a shorter break from gaming. So, you can choose to take a break for one day, 3 days or 7 days. Temporary exclusion is an effective solution, as is Winner financial limits. If you want to activate the option, then go to “Details”, then choose “I want a break”. Then choose the period and press the restriction button.

One of the effective measures for responsible gaming Winner is the use of limits. Therefore, you can set daily, weekly or monthly account limits at Winner. These limits are meant to allow you to take a break from gaming for a certain amount of time.

During the set time, the player can no longer log into the account or access the financial resources that have remained in the account.

To remember!
The account limits option can be activated from the player account menu, the sections “Details”, “Limits”, then “Change”. Set the period and press the activation button.
How do I close an account at Winner
If the previously listed methods do not work, then you should find out how players close their account at Winner. Closing the Winner account is a drastic solution and should only be taken if the methods listed above do not work. To make a Winner account closure, the player must contact the casino team.

Close your Winner account by contacting the casino team in the “Contact” section at the bottom of the page. Here you will find the email address that you can use for a Winner account closure.

Therefore, send an email to the address, in which the title should refer to closing the Winner account and in which you should mention the username you use.

Exclusion of minors from the site
The casino does not allow minors to create an account and play on the platform. The 18+ logo is displayed on all pages of the site, and it is the account verification that definitely prevents minors from accessing the games.

Account verification is done precisely for the purpose of verifying the identity of the person creating the respective account. The new player will need to submit a copy of a valid ID and possibly proof of home address, so a minor will not be able to create an account on the platform.

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