How to close a Pokerstars account and measures for responsible gaming

Responsible time period to play slot gambling is an increasingly important aspect of the gambling world. To support players, casinos encourage responsibility and offer customers the opportunity to implement certain measures designed to help them. Read on to find out what Pokerstars responsible gaming measures are available and how you can close your Pokerstars account!
Responsible Gambling Pokerstars – Why It Matters
There is a possibility that players in online casinos, such as Pokerstars Romania , are prone to developing certain addictions to these games. Precisely in order to prevent problems of this kind, it is important that players are fully aware of their involvement and the funds they invest in the games. Considering the fact that you can get carried away very easily, you have to be careful about what you do and how far you go.

To remember!
Lack of self-control can affect you negatively and you can suffer financial losses, more or less significant. But if you keep a certain balance and can stop at the right moment, then you will not have problems of this kind.
However, not all players manage to keep their self-control, thus developing gaming addiction. This can be harmful in many ways, not just financially. In order to help their players recover if they fall victim to these addictions, the Pokerstars casino team has adopted several ways of support.

These methods mainly consist of methods of maintaining responsible Pokerstars gambling behavior, but customers can also close their Pokerstars account if they wish to do so.

Measures for Responsible Gaming Pokerstars
Gambling addiction often causes the player to realize they have a problem too late. To help its customers prevent this or correct their behavior, Pokerstars Casino offers support through the possibility of using Pokerstars account limits and as a last resort, closing the Pokerstars account.

But to better understand how the team can support you, read on to find out what account limits you can apply right from Pokerstars registration and how players close their Pokerstars account.

Prohibition of minors’ access to the casino website
Minors do not have access to games on the platform, this being ensured by performing the Pokerstars account verification process . The casino team thoroughly carries out KYC verification of newly created accounts, so that those who are under the age of 18 cannot create an account on the platform.

Account verification involves sending documents that can be used to verify a person’s identity. However, account holders are advised not to give minors access to the devices from which they access the games. To do this, certain parental control software can be installed or complex passwords can be used. You can choose to install NetNanny or SafeKids.

Use the self-exclusion feature
You can use self-exclusion if you think you need a break, thus avoiding the situation where you have to close your Pokerstars account. Therefore, you can self-exclude yourself for short periods of 12 or 24 hours, or for long periods of 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and 120 days.

To remember!
During the period of using Pokerstars account limits you will not be able to access your account and your funds will remain blocked until the end of the period.
To enable the option on desktop and mobile, go to the account menu, “More”, “Tools”, “Responsible gaming”, “Block me from games”. If you want to block your access only to a certain game, then from “Responsible gaming”, go to “Restriction of mass limit” and select “Do not play”.

Choose Pokerstars financial limits
Financial limits are another option players can use to encourage responsible gaming behavior. You can choose to use limits when making a Pokerstars deposit . Therefore, you can set daily or weekly financial limits at Pokerstars.

In conclusion, once you set certain Pokerstars financial limits you will not be able to deposit more money than you originally set.

You can set up financial limits for placing bets at Pokerstars. This option will allow you to set certain Pokerstars account limits for the stakes you will place on the games. In this way, you will also be able to limit your losses.

Use the warning option
Another way that can help you besides Pokerstars account limits is to be careful about the time you spend on the gaming platform. A pop-up window will open every hour you spend on the site. That way you’ll know if you’ve been on the site longer than you should.

You can restrict the cancellation of withdrawals
To make sure you don’t invest in games more than you should, then you can restrict withdrawal cancellations. By adopting this decision, you will not be able to change your mind, so you will be able to reduce possible losses.

You can self-evaluate
On the Pokerstars Responsible Gambling page, in addition to detailing Pokerstars account limits, you will also find a list of self-assessment questions. If you answered yes to most of them, then you should consider adopting some moderation measures or approaching specialists for advice.

How do I close my Pokerstars account?
If you are of the opinion that the aforementioned measures may be ineffective at some point, then let’s see together how players close their Pokerstars account.

If you choose to close your account at Pokerstars, then you will need to contact Customer Support. Mention your username and the fact that you want to close your Pokerstars account.

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