Everything you need to know about responsible Conticazino gaming

Why ฝาก 50 รับ 150 ไม่ทำเทิร์น is responsible gaming important?
It is important for online casino players to have a certain balance when it comes to the time spent on gaming sites and the resources invested in order to generate new income. Gambling offers relaxation and fun, but it can also be a source of stress if the player does not maintain a certain balance.

Playing responsibly is actually about controlling yourself and not reacting recklessly. Such behavior involves adapting to the funds available in the account balance, placing bets in accordance with the value of the available balance and limiting the time spent on the gaming platform.

Methods for responsible gambling Conticazino
Conticazino Casino promotes and supports responsible gambling among its players. The team offers effective measures to implement responsible Conticazino play, from limiting the time spent on the site to applying Conticazino account limits . These measures are detailed below and you will also find out how players close their Conticazino account.

The casino has a list of questions on the Conticazino Responsible Gambling page. Players can use these questions to self-assess and determine whether or not they have a gambling problem. If most of these questions have a positive answer, then the gambler in question has gambling addiction problems.

To remember!
Also on the Conticazino responsible gambling page, players can also study the advice offered by the casino team, which have a supporting role and offer momentary solutions to the player’s problems.
However, these tips can be taken immediately but are not enough if the player’s addiction is at a more advanced stage. In this case, it is advisable for the player to get in touch with specialists who can provide him with specialized advisory services.

Use Conticazino account limits
Conticazino account limits are an effective measure that can be used by players when making a Conticazino deposit . Using the ‘Deposit Limit’ option can help, this way the player can limit their deposits to the account.
So players can set Conticazino financial limits for periods of a day, a week or a month.

Conticazino account limits can be increased upon request, but the change will become active within 48 hours. You can reduce Conticazino account limits, in this case the change becomes active instantly. You can configure Conticazino financial limits by entering the account menu, in the “Responsible Gambling” sections, then “Limits”.

Use temporary exclusion
Another effective measure, apart from financial limits Conticazino , consists of temporary exclusion. This way, you can self-exclude yourself for a period of 7 days. After activating this option, the player will no longer be able to access the account or the existing funds in its balance.

To remember!
If at the time of activation of the option there are active bets, they will be canceled and the funds invested in them will be returned to the account balance. Go to your account menu and go to “Responsible Gaming” to enable the option.
Use the self-exclusion feature
Self-exclusion is the measure that comes in addition to the use of Conticazino account limits. And in case of using this option, the player no longer has access to his account and funds. To reactivate the account, the player must contact Customer Support. Activate the option in the account menu, section “Responsible gaming”.

How do I close my Conticazino account?
Temporary exclusion, self-exclusion and Conti casino financial limits are measures that have effect until a certain point. If they have no effect, another solution that can be taken is Conticazio closing the account.

To remember!
Closing the Conticazino account is a definitive and irreversible solution. Once you have chosen to close your Conticazino account, you cannot change your mind or reopen your account.
To be able to perform a Conticazino account closure, players must contact customer support via live chat or the casino’s email address, mention the username with which they log into the account and the fact that they want to perform a closure Conticazino account.

Usually, requests for Conticazino account closure are processed within a maximum of 48 hours, but you must take into account the fact that the deadline can be extended due to the large number of requests – the team receives various requests, not only for closing the account.

Restricting minors’ access to the site
In addition to Conticasino financial limits and self-exclusion functions, measures such as the Conticazino account verification process are also implemented for responsible gaming . Thus, people under the age of 18 cannot access the games. However, it is recommended to use certain additional software to prevent minors from accessing the devices they play on.

Conticazino recommends using software such as netnanny.com (blocks inappropriate content) and salvațicopiii.ro (with its help parents can block any site).

In the responsible gaming section of Conticazino players who need help can access the link displayed there. On that page, players will find more detailed information about problem gambling, where they can find specialist counselors and services they can use to combat gambling addictions.

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